"Korban Bairam"
the most important holy day in the Islam World

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14 Mar 2011

"Korban Bairam", also called "Id al-Adha" in Arabic; this festival concludes the journey (hadj) that Muslims are expected to make to Mecca at least once during their lifetimes.  Here is some concise info about it:

Id al-Adha (i-EED ahl-OOHD-hah), the Festival of Sacrifice concludes the act of pilgrimage.  It usually occurs two to three months after Ramadan. Muslims offer sheep, goats, and camels in a pattern after Abraham's offering of his son Ismail to God. The poor and needy receive the meat. Muslims observe these two festivals (Day of Hajj and Id al-Adha) whether on pilgrimage or not.

Islam considers Ismail the rightful heir, the son to be sacrificed.  (in the Judeo-Christian tradition, Abraham's second son Isaac, is the true heir, the son to be sacrificed]).

Traditional Arabic greeting for this day is "Id Mabarak" (id moo-BAH-ahk, "may God make it a blessed feast").

Thousands of Muslims gathered at different mosques. At one of the ceremonies folks can be seen buying ceremonial herbal tea, sacrificed meat, Muslim prayer books, etc.  It is a quite festive occasion. 

  Folks were entering and exiting the mosque for the purposes of prayer and blessings received from the local Muslim leadership. Here is a picture of a man with some of the sacrificial sheep.  It reminds one of the words of John the Baptist in John 1:29, "Behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!"   Pray that Jesus will reveal Himself in dreams and visions to those attending, so that they would come to know the true Lamb of God, therefore never needing again to offer a sacrifice on a yearly basis.  Would you ask people to pray for this miracle of revelation to the Muslim people?